T-Shirt Quilts

All quilts are made with your shirts. All fabric added is 100% cotton or flannel. You give me your preference of colors, and fabric type.  If there is a theme to your shirts, I try to find a matching fabric for the binding.  

The binding of each of our quilts is hand-stitched

Personalize Your Quilt

Our Quilts


Personalization is included in price. You can request a back corner label, embroidery on the top border, or a blank square.

You can choose regular all cotton fabric or all cotton flannel and request a custom color or pattern.

We recommend going to joann.com and uploading an image with the fabric you would like.

We work with customers throughout the process with pictures.

What Our Customers Say

“Wonderful work – highly recommend Maria and Mending Hearts”

Lisa Sands Cusack

“It looks great! I can’t thank you enough for the amazing work.”

Kristy Zacco-Johnston